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Nikleia Eteokleous

Frederick University Cyprus

Cyprus - Limassol


Nikleia Eteokleous holds a PhD in Educational Administration with emphasis in Educational Technology (confirmed 2004), M. Ed in Instructional Systems (2003), and M. Ed in Educational Administration (2002) from the Pennsylvania State University and BA in Public and Business Administration (Specialization: Finance) (2001) from the University of Cyprus. She works as an Assistant Professor in Educational Technology at the Department of Education, School of Educational and Social Sciences at Frederick University. She is also the coordinator of the M.Ed in Curriculum Development and Instruction (Distance learning and Conventional) and she holds the position of Planning and Timetable Coordinator for the Department of Educational Sciences. Additionally, she is a member of Frederick’s University Distance Learning Committee being responsible for policy development, strategic planning, and professional development training. She was also employed for two years as an Assistant to the Head of Research and Development at P.A. College, Larnaca. While studying at Pennsylvania State University she was awarded an assistantship through which she was employed as a Research Assistant for three years at the Educational Leadership Program as well as an Assistant Editor at the American Journal of Education (AJE). Her research interests focus on technology integration in the educational practice, such as computer applications, Internet tools (Web 2.0 tools, educational networking), educational software (i.e. Inspiration, Multimedia Builder), and mobile devices; teacher education and technology, designing learning environments enhanced with technology and online learning environments. She is also involved in research activities related to open and online distance learning, and the integration of robotics in the educational practice. She is the co-founder of Frederick’ University Robotics Academy (https://www.facebook.com/AkadimiaRompotikis/), a research and educational unit that promotes and conduct research in the area of robotics education. Various research studies are conducted related to educational robotics and overall STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) in education. Numerous papers, book chapters and conference papers are published in regards to educational robotics, STEAM and the development of problem based skills, 21st century skills, creativity, computational thinking skills, disciplinary learning objectives. Additionally, the Robotics Academy developed an innovative educational robotics curriculum for elementary school kids where numerous robotics packages, visual programming environments, hands-on, web-based and unplugged activities are employed. She has published articles in established and well-known international scientific journals, book chapters as well as conference proceedings. She has presented various scientific papers in international and national conferences. In addition, her academic activities include participation in numerous research projects having different roles and responsibilities. Finally, she is an elected member of Frederick’s University Senate, and an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Scientific Association for the Integration of Computer Technology in Education Council and registered member of several scientific organizations such as AERA (American Educational Research Association), AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education).