Tuesday, March 30
1:45 PM-2:45 PM
Room 2

Virtual Reality & Extended Reality: Possibilities, Problems, and Priorities for Teacher Educators

Panel (Live Presentation) ID: 58691
  1. aaa
    Jason Trumble
    University of Central Arkansas
  2. aaa
    Theresa Cullen
    Arkansas Tech University
  3. aaa
    Nick Lux
    Montana State University
  4. aaa
    Matt Caratachea
    Goochland County Public Schools, VCU
  5. aaa
    Monty Jones
    Virginia Commonwealth University

Abstract: Virtual Reality and Extended Reality (AR/XR) devices are flooding the consumer market and are making connections to classrooms. We have seen an influx of curriculum designed for K-12 learners as well as more complex applications for training professionals. With the speed of change and innovation that we are seeing with XR/VR, it is imperative to discuss teacher education and the possibilities and problems posed by these technologies. Additionally, we need to position ourselves and research in the ever-evolving context of learning with these new technologies. This panel includes experts who are researching and designing in VR/XR in relation to both K-12 and Teacher Education. We will discuss ongoing and future research focused on how Teacher Educators can view, react to, create within, and implement VR/XR technologies.

No presider for this session.


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