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Posted Feb. 20, 2017 5:49 p.m. by TerenceCavanaugh

Hi Everyone,

Our annual SITE conference this year is in Austin, TX, and will begin in just a few of weeks! I hope to see many of your there.

As you may know, all SITE SIGs each have 2 co-chairs to support the SITE organization, the SIG and conference planning. The co-chairs each serve for 2 years with overlapping terms. This year I'm rotating out and we need to elect a co-chair to replace me. This new co-chair will serve for 2 years, working with Shelia who is the other co-chair for another year.

In preparation for the election of a new co-chair at our SIG meeting on Tuesday March 7th (12:30) {come and bring your lunch} we would like to solicit nominations. This is not an overwhelming position (it will typically require 15-25 hours of your time over each of the next 2 years), but it is a great opportunity to get more involved in the SITE organization and to add to your list of professional contributions. If you are interested, or are interested in nominating someone (with their permission), please send me an email with the nominee's name, professional association, and a short bio (<1 page) including a brief summary of experience with SITE.

Thanks, Terry Cavanaugh

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