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SITE 2018 wrap-up

Posted April 4, 2018 2:26 p.m. by SusanElwood

Hello, Everyone!

In our introductions last week for those who attended the SIG meeting, we learned that we have several related practitioner and research interests within digital storytelling, including: - Video re-use - Narrative and science ArcGIS story maps - Tools and best practices - Video in education - Audience - Equity and social justice - Theories and perspectives - Transmedia storytelling.

If you have ideas and especially offers of how to further engage the Digital Storytelling SIG throughout the year, please participate in conversations within this SIG SITE page. All SIGS have been encouraged to seek further collaboration and development toward next year’s conference in Las Vegas. We hope to see you in Las Vegas next year!

Best to each of you,

Sue Elwood
2018-2019 Digital Storytelling SIG Co-Chair

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