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Dr Ron Beyers

Young Engineers and Scientists of Africa

Interested include: Virtual Interactive Classrooms Social Media Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solar cell competition Learn from and share with...

Areas of interest

  • Human Capital Development
  • The Knowledge Economy and the Green Economy
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars and Solar powered cars for learners
  • Open Source Software
  • Linking with youth development organizations to make a difference


Over 27 years of teaching in Physical Science, General Science, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (Design and Technology) up to Grade 12. My team holds the current World Record in one of the classes for the Formula 1 in Schools competition since 2006. Over a decade of research conducted in the classroom together with 3 years spent at the African Advanced Institute for Information Communication Technologies resulted in a recent PhD thesis [Promoting Human Capital Development through ICT Creativity and Innovation]. All of the above has culminated in the formation of a Non-Profit-Organisation called the Young Engineers and Scientists of Africa (YESA) I am passionate about creating pivotal moments to switch learners on to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMI). This includes empowering learners as 21st century knowledge workers through exposure to such concepts as digital manufacturing, rapid prototyping, social media and digital literacy. Included in this repertoire is Destination Zero Carbon (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Competitions and Solar Cell Challenges)as part of the establishment of competition pathways for learners.