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Valérie Payen Jean Baptiste

Universite de Geneve

Haiti - Port-au-Prince

Ph.D. student at the University of Geneva - FACULTÉ DE PSYCHOLOGIE ET DES SCIENCES DE L'ÉDUCATION My research interest is centered on the analysis of the emerging mechanisms and process of learning in an informal environment, via the use of technology.


My academic and professional backgrounds have always led me to work on the learning process as well as on educational policies, and the recognition of knowledge acquire outside of the school system. These works have cast my interests in analyzing the question of opening in education: particularly the recognition of the multiple ways to access knowledge and multiple factors which influence its emergence.

With the widespread uses of ICT in education, I have particularly been interested in the emergence of learning in an informal environment using mobile technologies. My doctoral research project focuses on the process of learning in informal environments, via the use of mobile technology. The study investigates how people acquire mobile technologies to learn in informal situations. The field studied is the informal economic sale and repair sector of mobile technologies in Haiti.