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Thomas Richter

University of Duisburg-Essen

Germany - Bonn/Essen

looking for international partners to jointly collect learning context data in as many countries/contexts as possible to support learner-focused education

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Dipl. Inf. Thomas Richter, M.Sc.: After a career in the professions ’cook’ and ’pastry cook’, starting with a three-year lasting apprenticeship (1986-1989) and ending with the 5-year lasting leadership of a nouvell cousine catering-service with up to 30 employees (1994-1999), he studied Information Technology (Diploma FH, 2003), Technical Journalism, and Business Information Systems (M.Sc., 2007). After finishing his first academic degree, he worked self-employed as IT-Consultant (in the fields of testing & ICT) and as author for e-Learning content. 2007, he spent one year of research at the KGIT in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2008, he works at the University of Duisburg-Essen as a researcher and project manager. Besides typical educational and administrative duties, he has the position as the managing director of the consort of German universities (e. V.) and is contributing to various EU-projects, e.g. the Open Education Quality Initiative (OPAL) & Open Discovery Space (ODS). His own research focuses on finding a practicable method to adept learning situations and -contents from one context to another. Therefore, he investigates on the context of e-Learning and particularly on culturally motivated attitudes of learners (doctoral thesis). Besides e-Learning in general, further fields of research-interest are Open Educational Resources, empirical educational research (methods), culture (in general), learning culture, intercultural learning and working scenarios, and student’s attitudes in learning processes.