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Teresa Wu

George Mason University

United States of America - Stafford


Teresa Wu is a veteran instructional designer currently leading training and development initiatives in the Department of Justice. Before this role, Teresa was the instructional design consultant at California State University, Long Beach and the Los Angeles County Office of Education. Prior to her instructional designer career, Teresa was a classroom and private teacher, having taught grades 7th to 12th grades in Mandarin, Music, English, and Computer Science, and an adjunct faculty at the California State University, Los Angeles, having taught the music pedagogy for the teacher credential program and educational technology implementation in second language pedagogy. With over twelve years of instructional design and teaching experience, Teresa's areas of expertise include curriculum development in online, computer-based, and instructor-led training, online and in-person teaching, instructional design, training and development, and innovative learning solutions. Teresa holds a Masters of Arts in Education - Instructional Design and Computer Leadership from the California State University, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music.

Teresa is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies Design and Research at George Mason University. Her research interests include serious game-based learning, adult learning, online learning, user experience design, teacher development, and second language acquisition. Her current research topic is using serious games to train adult learners in behavioral and psychological topics such as implicit bias training.

Teresa is passionate about online course quality assurance. She is a certified Quality Matters Master and Program reviewer for higher education and K-12 education. She enjoys sharing ideas and brainstorm with peers and other educators on innovative ways to design curriculum and assessment that focus on student-centered personalized learning. She is also an avid learner of technology, and enjoys exploring different tools that can be used or repurposed for educational purposes.

At the time of this writing, Teresa is interested in learning the Python programming language and gain foundational knowledge on game design engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity. In her spare time, Teresa enjoys playing video games (this is research!), exploring new technologies, reading and writing fictions, and watching television.