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Sharon Edwards

University of Massachusetts Amherst

United States of America - Amherst

We ask college students if changes in their beliefs about teaching and learning occurred after 10 weeks of self-tutoring. Self-tutoring is defined as choosing something to learn and finding ways to learn it. What insights from self-tutoring inform new teachers about learners?


Teaching from 1974 - 2006, kindergarten through third grade at Mark's Meadow School, a Public Elementary Demonstration/Laboratory school in the College of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sharon has co-taught the course, Tutoring in Schools, with Dr. Robert Maloy each semester for the past 25 years. K-12 students' writing and illustrating, interactive teaching and learning of mathematics and science and the ways of creating interesting learning for all ages are the focus of work she does with college students thinking of becoming teachers.