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Richard Vranesh


United States of America - Washington

Over 30 years of experience in training management, design, and development and conducting applied research in educational technology for Government agencies.

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Experience includes: • Management of national training program of 12 ISDs, SMEs, video production, and graphic artists to update training on sexual harassment for U.S. Army • Management of program for 12 SMEs/developers to create a certification program for Aviation Safety Specialists for the FAA (1 year). • Management of program for 5 training analysts to oversee contractor Air Traffic and Airway Facilities training design, development, and evaluation. (5 years). • Management of Project for development of web-based training for Customs and Immigration on use of new SAVE system (1 year). • Consulting lead ISD for EnRoute Training for new systems acquisitions. (10 years) • Team ISD Lead for development of Web-based training curriculum for Customs and Border Protection (2 years). • Management of Program for research and training in postsecondary accreditation for the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation (COPA) (3 years). • Management of a team to create High-fidelity tank simulation devices to teach tank crews how to maneuver and fire munitions from the M-1 Abrams Tank (3 years). • Proficiency in use of several courseware authoring tools including Captivate (5 years), Camtasia (3 years), and Articulate (2 years).