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Maria Kordaki holds a PhD in Educational Technology, a Masters in Education, a diploma in civil engineering and a Bachelor in Mathematics from the University of Patras, Greece. She is associate professor of Educational Technology in the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean, Greece. She is also a collaborative professor in the Hellenic Open University. During the last decade she had also served as adjunct Professor in the Dept of Computer Engineering and Informatics and in the department of Mathematics, University of Patras, Greece. Her research focuses on Gender and Computing and STEM education, Computer Science Education, digital game-based learning, educational digital storytelling, use of social and constructivist learning theories in the design of educational microworlds, as well as technology supported learning–design, towards critical and creative thinking within various educational settings including: paper and pencil, online, blended, collaborative and technology-based learning. She also serves in the editorial board of various international and national Conferences, and Journals. Finally, she has published over 217 scientific papers and 10 books. Her research works have received more than 950 citations. A detailed curriculum of associate Professor Maria Kordaki is available at: http://www.ct.aegean.gr/data/Kordaki.pdf