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Katie is a first-generation instructional technology doctoral student at The American College of Education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction with diverse adult learners. (estimated graduation 2023) Her graduate research surrounds the topic of best practices for engaging first-generation students in online courses. She has served seven years as the chair for an Alaska Native College and taught a variety of classes from face to face, blended and remote. Before this, she owned and served as the Directress at The Learning Tree Montessori which was heavily influenced by constructivist and Reggio Emilia pedagogy for 12 years.

When she is not doing research or working, Katie enjoys spending time with her family hiking, kayaking, gardening, camping, and making memories. Joy and empowerment are at the core of her heart and lines her path to greatness as she mentors others along the way.

Click here for a view of Katie's interactive resume: https://rise.articulate.com/share/0sdZDPjV7Mb1W_Ysaf40qgvhhaw_jY8i