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John Shinsky

Grand Valley State University http://www.gvsu.edu

Enhancing Online Instruction in Higher Education: Professional Development Strategies That Work


Dr. E. John Shinsky joined the Grand Valley State University faculty in 2001 as an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership. He currently serves as the Department Chairperson for Leadership and Learning, and the Program Coordinator for the Educational Specialist and previously the Special Education Administration programs. Prior to coming to Grand Valley, John had a successful 27 year career with the Lansing Public Schools, a large urban school system, as a classroom teacher, building administrator, Director of Special Education, and Area Director. John has served on numerous committees throughout the University including chairperson of the college of education technology committee for the past 9 years, the strategic planning committee, the academic policy and standards committee, and chairperson of the study abroad task force. John has led successful NCATE and Michigan Department of Education accreditation programs. John has worked extensively on integrating technology throughout the college of education. He has been instrumental in facilitating the development of extensive online training technology and online professional development programs that have resulted in mentor support programs and a growing technology support community. John teacher several courses in the Educational Leadership Masters and Educational Specialist programs. John has published four books, two audio tape series, and provided presentations to over 100,000 educators across the United States and abroad with a focus on organizational leadership. He has intensely trained approximately 150 “Focused Success School Teams,” throughout the state of Texas designed to restructure the school environment to facilitate sustainable change for supporting students with special needs. Throughout his training programs he highlighted the use of Assistive Technology based on his experiences as a special education teacher and administrator. He has been extensively involved in training aspiring leaders in large urban school systems, with his most recent work as part of a Wallace Grant Initiative for training aspiring leaders in large urban school districts. Much of his work centers around his practical on-the-job experience and training he received at Harvard University on Managing Organizational Change.