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H. Patricia McKenna

AmbientEase & UrbanitiesLab

Canada - Victoria

Patricia is an educator, innovator, entrepreneur, information professional, and urban researcher and is a Member and Researcher in the Technology & Society global research space.

Areas of interest

  • Ambient Culture
  • Ambient Learning
  • Emergent Learning
  • Learning Cities
  • Meaningful Engagement
  • Assessment


Patricia McKenna (BA, MLS, DPS) is the founder and President of AmbientEase (Emergent Adaptive Solutions Everywhere) Inc. Exploring the rapidly evolving information landscape, McKenna is concerned with the implications of aware technologies for communities, scholarship, and learning environments. Through the UrbanitiesLab, McKenna engages with local communities around use experience and generating new relevancies and vibrancies in 21st century learning, living, and work spaces.