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Geoffrey Lautenbach

University of Johannesburg

South Africa - Johannesburg

Areas of interest

  • Research Methodology
  • Educational technologies for teaching and learning
  • Cultural Historical and Activity Theory


Geoff started his teaching career in 1990. In his years as a teacher he has taught Biology and Science in a number of public and private schools. In 2000 he joined the University of Johannesburg as lecturer and obtained his Masters in Computer-based Education. This was soon followed by his PhD in 2005 and a promotion to senior lecturer in Learning Technologies. In 2012 he became an Associate Professor in this field and is currently the head of the Learning Technologies Unit within the Department of Science and Technology Education at the University of Johannesburg. Geoff has taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has a passion for qualitative research methodologies which, he claims, brings out the human side of technologies and the people that use them in educational contexts. He is currently supervising a number of postgraduate students and since 2002 he has supervised eight PhD students and over 50 Masters students to completion. He serves on a number of university committees and task teams but his proudest moment was when he was responsible for the accreditation and registration of the Faculty of Education Research Ethics Committee in 2014. This was only the second committee at the university to be registered with the national accreditation body, and one of only 33 accredited RECs nationwide at the time. He served as chairman of this committee for six years and is still an active committee member ensuring ethical research practice. Geoff has published in accredited journal articles and also shared his expertise through over 40 peer reviewed conference publications and many book chapters over the years. 22 articles have been written and presented at conferences without formal proceedings and are an essential part of his personal professional development and his strategy to remain a recognized leader in the fields of Higher Education and Educational Technology. Geoff is a member of a number of international educational bodies including the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), and the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR). On a national level he is a member of the South African Council for Educators (SACE), South African Association for Research and Development in Higher Education (SAARDHE), and the South African Academy for Arts and Sciences (M.Acad SA), where he has also served a term as member of the Education Commission. His current research interests include examining the true significance of our technological developments as humans, and how they are re-shaping our lives and our societies. He considers the reality of intelligent technology that has already infiltrated our lives and ponders the future of education. Prof Lautenbach faces this hyperconnected era we are living in with awe and amazement, but also questions the impact of the loss of meaningful and engaged interactions. Stress and anxiety as a result of the flood of new technology in this ever-connected world is another personal interest. Geoff has a great love for family and friends and a huge passion for music of all kinds. You will often find him birdwatching or enjoying beautiful flowers and trees (possibly as a result of his early interests and his Honours degree in Botany). Prof Lautenbach, above all, is a citizen of the earth with a passion to make the world a better place through everything he does. Not only is he a teacher and a researcher, he is also a volunteer member of the Honorary Ranger Corps that support South African National Parks and is committed to playing at least a small role in the preservation of the world’s natural resources.