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Evelien Verschroeven

Innovation OIC

Belgium - Kapellen, Antwerp

Edtech Startup "BOBI-P/M, collective & self empowering technology/ learning accelerator", Edtech Consultancy ( learning communities), Startup mentor, teacher at Thomas More Kempen, University of Applied Sciences ( entrepreneurship & intercultural competences)


As a business woman I’m involved in consultancy for learning communities and in the development of collective, self-empowering technologies. Bringing Out the Best In People/in Me (BOBI-P/-M) is a learning accelerator and has an impact on the individual & collective learning. As a researcher I’m focusing on virtual learning communities ( centralized & decentralized). As a teacher at a University of applied Sciences, I teach entrepreneurship and intercultural competences and lead the innovation bootcamps within the University, participants are teachers, and students. As a business mentor I’ve already more than 20 years of experience and the last 5 years I focus on learntech. I've a broad and international network within edtech. As a corporate anthropologist, I put the human is in the center and have a focus on systemic thinking and relational cognition.

I am observation, imagination and connection in one, those are the main tools I use. I ‘m born as natural networker. Entrepreneurship and innovation are my dynamic playing field, creation and learning my passion.