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Dorota Anna Siemieniecka

Nicolaus Copernicus University NIP: PL 879-017-72-91 Regon: 000001324

Poland - Toruń

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Dorota Siemieniecka, Ass. Prof. NCU Head of Department Didactics and Media, Institute of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. 2016-2019 V-ce Dean in charge of scientific research and international cooperation at the Faculty of Education, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń. She is member of Polish Pedagogical Association and Polish Society of Cognitive Sciences. From 2016 - main editor of scientific journal Cognitive Science- New Media- Education (http://apcz.umk.pl/czasopisma/index.php/CSNME/index). Member of the Media Pedagogy Research Group at the Pedagogical Sciences Research Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Her scientific interest, research and didactic activity focus on the issues of creativity in pedagogy, creative teaching, on applications of modern media in the process of education, as well as on cognitivist aspects of media in education. She is the author of the book Abilities and creative attitude and the style of using electronic media (2005) (Zdolności i postawa twórcza a styl użytkowania elektronicznych mediów). Her considerations on these subjects are contained in her books: Information Technology in didactic and innovative work of the teacher (2007, co-authored with A. Siemińska-Łosko) and also other numerous articles published in scientific journals. The author also participated in international research as part of the project Polish-American inquiry into the priorities of educational technology in the next five years. The results of this research have been published in The International Journal of Technology Knowledge and Society (2008). She successfully acquired FSS funds (EEA Grants and Norway Grants) for implementing the international project The role of language in human life. The result of the project was a book Język nowej komunikacji, (Eng: The language of new media), which has also been translated into Norwegian (Språk i medier, 2010). She is the author of the book The PBL in the construction and implementation of the system of tertiary education (2012) (Metoda projektów w budowie i realizacji systemu kształcenia studentów). Education and new technologies in culture, information and communication (ed. 2015) and New Technologies in Education and Communication (ed. 2016), Crossing borders: an exploration of educational technology in Poland and US (co-authored with: B.Siemieniecki, K.Rice, PH.Kelly, 2016), New Technologies in Education and Communication (ed.2017), Teorie kszałceniania w świecie cyfrowym (Eng: Theories of education in the digital world, co-authored with: B.Siemieniecki, 2020), are the latest book publications under her supervision and authorship.