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David Geelan

University of Queensland

Husband, father, gamer, geek, metalhead, hacker... oh, and in my day job, Senior Lecturer in science education at the University of Queensland

Areas of interest

  • physics education
  • chemistry education
  • educational technology
  • educational research methodology
  • science teacher education
  • modern heavy metal


Born in Sydney, lived there until I was 6, then moved to Cooranbong, a country town 2 hours north. Lived there until I was 26, then got married. Shortly after moved to Melbourne for 3 years, back to Sydney for a year, to Papua New Guinea for 2 years, Perth for 6 years, Edmonton (Canada) for 5 years, and now been in Brisbane for 5 years. Any questions?

(there's a much more detailed bio at my home page)