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Curby Alexander

Texas Christian University

United States of America - Fort Worth

Curby Alexander is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the TCU College of Education. He teaches courses on the foundations of education, instructional methods, digital communication and collaboration, and experiential education. His current scholarship is focused on K-12 technology in


I am currently an Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the College of Education at Texas Christian University. My wife Gina is an Associate Professor of Community and Public Health Nursing at Texas Christian University. Our twin boys, Samuel and Nathaniel, are in eighth grade. Our favorite activities as a family are bike riding, spending time outdoors, playing board games, reading books, watching movies, Scouting, and attending activities at our church.

I received my Ph.D. in 2009 from the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia in Instructional Technology. I hold a Master's degree from Colorado State University and a Bachelor's from Utah State University. I previously have held positions at the University of Illinois Springfield and the University of North Texas. I have also worked as an Instructional Technology Specialist at Good Shepherd Episcopal School in Dallas, and I taught public school for 8 years in Grapevine, Texas and Casper, Wyoming, my hometown.

The most important things to me are my faith, my family, and my calling as an educator. Leaving the K-12 classroom for a career in higher education has not been a departure from teaching for me. I see it as a different way to influence the lives of students by preparing the teachers who will one day work with them. If this is not the information you were hoping for, you can just Google me. There aren’t too many Curby Alexanders out there!