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Cory Callahan

The University of Alabama

United States of America - Tuscaloosa

Areas of interest

  • Educative Curriculum Materials
  • Problem-Based Historical Inquiry
  • Historical Photographs
  • Thinking historically and critically about visual data


After graduating from Auburn University in 2009 with a PhD, Cory Callahan taught secondary students full-time; he practiced the craft of social studies instruction the way he promoted it in presentations, workshops, and scholarly writing. In 2012, Cory moved to UNC-Wilmington and advanced a research program including educative curriculum materials, civic competence, professional development collaborations, historical photographs, and problem-based historical inquiry. He presented that year (2012) at the annual SITE conference and has each year since. Cory has encouraged a more dynamic relationship between research and practice through opportunities afforded him by the 2013 CUFA/NTLI Technology Paper Award, 2012 Jacobs Educator Award, and 2012 Gilder Lehrman’s Alabama History Teacher of the Year Award. Cory has consistently presented at annual conferences (e.g., CUFA, NCSS, AERA, SITE) and published in social studies journals (e.g., SSRP, CITE, JSSR). Cory is a responsible collaborative partner and is genuinely enthusiastic about social studies education. In August 2014, Cory joined the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at The University of Alabama.