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Beth Daniels

TPT - Twin Cities PBS

United States of America - St. Paul



Beth Daniels is the Senior STEM Content and Education Manager for Ready to Learn at Twin Cities PBS. She guides the content for integrated science and literacy learning across transmedia properties for young children growing up in underserved communities, their families and their teachers, ensuring engaging, age-appropriate learning experiences.

Ms. Daniels holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and youth development leadership from the University of Minnesota and a BA in psychology, computer science, and education from Macalester College.

Ms. Daniels has worked with schools, colleges and universities, public media, and community-based organizations. She taught grades K-8 in Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools. She designed and developed award-winning educational software at MECC and at PLATO Learning, including Oregon Trail, Big Science Ideas: Systems, and Reading Explorations. She authored research on positive youth development outcomes, and presentations on youth program quality, experiential and project-based learning, and overcoming systemic barriers to academic achievement.

Ms. Daniels envisions transmedia learning environments as spaces where children empower their voices, deepen their knowledge, and grow skills. Her work builds transmedia opportunities for young people – especially those impacted by digital divides – to interact with the world around them, create meaning, gain expertise, and build their future.