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Barbara Hall, PhD

Northcentral University

United States of America - Chapel Hill

Dr. Barbara M. Hall earned a Ph.D. in instructional design and serves as the Director of Curriculum and an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Northcentral University.


Barbara M. Hall is the Director of Curriculum and Associate Professor in the School of Education at Northcentral University, where she serves on several committees, including the University Diversity Committee and Chair of the Curriculum Subcommittee of the Academic Affairs Council. She earned her PhD in Education with a specialization in instructional design for online learning in 2011. Prior to her arrival at Northcentral University in 2017, Dr. Hall worked has the Chair of the instructional design program at Ashford University. She continues to research, publish, and present around intersubjectivity in peer dialogue as she learns more about critical pedagogy and culturally-sustaining instructional design. Dr. Hall has earned multiple recognitions throughout her career, including awards for excellence as a peer reviewer, innovative teaching, collaborative assignments, faculty research, and service to military service members and their families. Dr. Hall lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.