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Aroutis Foster

Drexel University

Learning Sciences and Technology, Game Design, Game-Based Learning, Technology Integration in K-12 for Learning, Motivation to Learn, Situational Interest to Personal Interest (Motivational Valuing), Model Develop and Testing for Immersive Digital Environments


Aroutis Foster teaches, publishes, and conducts research on the design, integration, and implementation of immersive digital environments for learning. Dr. Foster’s broad research interests focus on technology and learning through projective reflection. His research aims to help learners construct knowledge, value school content, and explore possible selves with digital media such as games. This includes model testing and development to address the design, pedagogic, assessment, identity formation, and motivational affordances of games for learning. Dr. Foster’s background is in educational psychology (motivation and learning), educational technology, digital media, and communications. He serves on several editorial review and advisory boards for technology and learning. He has published book chapters and journal articles about technology and learning. He has won awards for his work on digital games and learning. He is a Phi Beta Kappa Member, a Mellon Mays Fellow, and the recipient of a Spencer Research Training Grant. He is the founder of the Drexel Learning Games Network.