Implications of Teacher and Learner Roles in a Collaborative and Virtual Learning Context.

Posted May 24, 2011 4:54 p.m. by EmeliLuz

The research project “Teletandem Brazil: foreign languages for all” consists of people from different countries that learn languages by Internet using programs as Windows Live Messenger, Skype or ooVoo in a context of collaborative and virtual learning of foreign languages. The project is based on the pillars of autonomy, information and communication technologies and tandem. During the session period, one person makes the role of teacher and in another moment performs the role of learner, making possible, therefore, a collaborative work of teaching and learning, in which both are willing to contribute and build knowledge together. In this environment, the participants can learn, help their partners learn and get in contact with native speakers. The Teletandem environment helps the students develop their autonomy, their learning and teaching strategies and most of all, their knowledge on the specific foreign language, performing teacher and learner roles.

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