eLearning at Your Fingertips – Answering Teaching Challenges and Achieving Intended Outcomes...

Posted May 24, 2011 4:37 p.m. by JenniferEvans

This workshop aims to demonstrate the various ways technology can be used to effectively assist learning at the university level. It will take participants on a journey of exploration of various eLearning tools, while encouraging reflection on their own contextual needs. We will discover eLearning activity designs that enable the achievement of intended learning outcomes and address key teaching challenges. Workshop participants should expect to spend much of the time actively trying out working examples that were developed for, and successfully used by, Hong Kong university students. All participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops for use during the hands-on activities which represent a major portion of the workshop. Additional resources in planning, designing and evaluating eLearning activities will be provided to participants on DVDs as well as made available online.

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