PMDL: A Modeling Language to Harmonize Heterogeneous Learners Profiles

Posted June 27, 2011 8:51 p.m. by BlandineGinon

Our work aim at proposing models and tools facilitating reuse and integration in a same environment and a same profiles of heterogeneous profiles. In the research presented in this paper, we address the issue of heterogeneous profiles reuse by actors (human or software) different from their creators. These profiles can be pencil and paper or coming from software, they can be existing or to be created, and we don’t know their structure. We adopt a generic approach that consists in a posteriori rewriting profiles to integrate in a same formalism: PMDL profiles modeling language. We operationalized PMDL in EPROFILEA environment, but it can be implemented in other systems or used in other contexts. Throughout this paper, the example of an existing profile is used to illustrate our propositions. Evaluations are presented: one focused on PMDL language expressive power and the other on its deployment.

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