40 Positive Words With Definitions To Encourage Yourself

Posted Jan. 16, 2023 10:09 p.m. by miroberko

The power of words is undeniable, and the words we choose to use can have a significant impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. This is why it is important to use positive words.

When we use positive words, we are not only expressing our own feelings and thoughts, but we are also influencing the way others perceive the world around them. Positive words can have a contagious effect, spreading joy and optimism to those who hear them. This is particularly important in times of stress or uncertainty when negative thoughts and feelings can easily take hold.

Here are forty positive words to describe someone or encourage yourself.

40 Positive Words With Meanings

Joyful (feeling great pleasure and happiness) Radiant (shining brightly or giving off light) Blissful (feeling great happiness and contentment) Cheerful (in a good mood and showing it) Glorious (inspiring admiration and pride) Magnificent (impressive and grand) Splendid (impressive and beautiful) Exquisite (extremely beautiful and delicate)

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Enthusiastic (having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval) Delightful (giving pleasure and enjoyment) Elated (feeling very happy and excited) Amused (finding something funny and entertaining) Ecstatic (feeling extremely happy and joyful) Thrilled (very excited and pleased) Pleased (feeling satisfied and content) Overjoyed (feeling extremely happy and excited) Euphoric (feeling extremely happy and excited) Gratified (feeling pleased and satisfied) Heartwarming (causing feelings of warmth and affection) Inspiring (giving hope and enthusiasm) Heartening (giving encouragement and support) Hopeful (feeling that something good will happen) Heartfelt (sincere and genuine) Positive (thinking good thoughts and expecting good things) Optimistic (hoping for the best and expecting it to happen) Encouraging (giving hope and support) Empowering (giving strength and confidence) Uplifting (making someone feel better)

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Supportive (helping and encouraging) Nurturing (providing care and support) Caring (showing concern and interest) Comforting (providing support and reassurance) Understanding (showing empathy and compassion) Sympathetic (feeling sorry for someone and understanding their feelings) Compassionate (feeling concerned and empathy for others) Tender (gentle and loving) Kind (considerate and caring) Gentle (kind and soothing) Warm (friendly and welcoming) Generous (willing to give time, money, or help)

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