heat transfer vinyl

Posted Nov. 24, 2022 10:28 a.m. by Thipstrealm1939

VENYL Is One Of The Leading Producers Of Industrial Vinyl Material Located In Guangdong Province, China, And Part Of Next Focus Group, Mainly Engaged In The Production Of Heat Transfer Vinyl (PVC Sticky Vinyl, non-sticky heat transfer vinyl, Reflective Vinyl, Pattern Series Vinyl, PU Matte Series Vinyl), For Self-Adhesive Vinyl, We Are Professionally Producing Color Vinyl, Reflective Vinyl, Glow In The Dark Vinyl, Protective Film, And Lamination Film We Mainly Produce. https://www.venyl.net/product/rf-reflective-and-luminous-htv/ https://www.venyl.net/product/mt-metallic-series-htv/ With years of export experience, we always believe that customer satisfaction is our strength; we always focus on high-quality production standards with state-of-the-art multiple production lines to meet on-time delivery time with the highly scrutinized inspection and testing parameters.

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