Probably, I would not consider a professional

Posted Aug. 22, 2022 8:53 p.m. by alanluiz2020

“Probably, I would not consider a professional a person who, knowing the subject perfectly, neglects ethical, psychological and universal norms. This is not a professional! To know a subject is just to know a subject. But in order for this subject to fully realize its educational, developmental, training potential, a person needs the competencies of communication, psychological and pedagogical support, tutoring, and much more. Plus, when helping others write an essay, that would be considered a professional teacher. By using this can be done more efficiently. Then professionalism will develop. I can still understand when people start to laugh at something or someone at the level of some good-natured banter and even black humor. But when it turns into meanness, disgust, insult, when it harms people, I am categorically against it. People are different, many like to play pranks, joke, we can understand this. But as far as working with children and colleagues is concerned, it’s all not in good conscience. And conscience is the most important measure of a person, whose main purpose is to live according to the laws of goodness, love, beauty, patriotism, honest work and responsibility. And when selecting people for the team, I would be guided by these principles.”

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