How do I start up a vending machine business on a school campus?

Posted July 27, 2022 11:01 p.m. by mathewearly

Get approval from the college campus authorities and talk to them that you are thinking to set up Healthy vending machines on college campuses first. Spend time determining the varieties of cuisine to provide and the client interest next. Take a walk around campus and count the students. You might discover that the market is too tiny to support multiple machines. You will require a city business licence, an FDA certificate, and a state health department certificate. The state commerce department will require that the vending machine be registered and granted a licence. However Unfortunately, unless you already own a sizable vending firm, you probably can't. The majority of college campuses have tried-and-true procedures for adding services, and the idea-seller rarely gets to go first. or perhaps even proficient enough to toss till the campus

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