Methodologies for cross-institutional postsecondary curriculum research

Posted June 22, 2022 3:47 p.m. by mlgordon

This is tangentially related to our presentation - we did a large-scale (all of Canada and much of US) multi-institutional study of postsecondary curriculum in a specific discipline (in our case, game design) and really struggled with getting access to departments, faculty, and actual people. In our paper we discuss how difficult using institutional websites is for collecting reliable data.

I'm wondering if other folks doing research on post-secondary education have found effective ways to gather information about programs and curriculum across institutions at a large scale? Or is this the kind of work that can only be done at a case study level. We found it a little worrisome that there is so little ability to get a handle on what a discipline is teaching, especially when that discipline is (purportedly) so explicitly linked to an employment outcome that is in practice quite fraught. Would love to hear others' perspectives on the need/value of cross-institutional curriculum research in post-secondary.

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