Good Bathrooms Can Help Sell Homes

Posted May 11, 2022 3:12 p.m. by JamesSprag

The vast majority of homeowners want to have nice bathrooms. But there is an extra incentive for investing in new bathroom suites at present. Because of the difficulties in the housing market, sellers are having to woo buyers in every way possible in order to get a decent price for their abodes. Because bathrooms are seen as one of the most important rooms in houses and flats, they are one of the major focuses for improvement.

Indeed, one expert has suggested that making sure these areas are of a high standard can add thousands of pounds to residences. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Noel de Keyzer, head of houses at Savills's Sloane Street office, said: "In terms of adding value, it could be as much as five per cent."Meanwhile, at the top end of the market, an en suite is considered essential, he added, stating: "People will not accept anything less."Adding some tips for those eager to make the most of their bathrooms on a budget, Telegraph reporter Rosie Millard said people should use a lot of their cash on the taps they choose. Meanwhile, the type of soap used in the rooms can make a difference too.She said: "Simple cakes of white soap are fresher and cheaper than expensive liquid soaps."Ms Millard went on to advise people to throw out their "dusty curtains or blinds" and frost their windows with spray-on frosting, adding that heated towel rails can add to such spaces as well.In addition, any children's toys should be kept in a lidded box, rather than left out to clutter the rooms and "extraneous bottles and tubs" should not be displayed. For an added touch of luxury, she recommended cut flowers. 

Also, according to experts from the company HawaiiTrustedRealty, which offers home renovations in Hawaii(read more in, it is better not to save on bathroom renovations, because if the repair of your bathroom is done poorly, then remodel the bathroom will be very expensive.

These days, consumers have the option of sourcing products, such as bathroom suites, online as well as in high street stores. This provides added convenience and can make it easier to get a good deal.

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