Using a Web-Based Platform to Enhance Employability Skills of Global Citizen Student

Posted June 22, 2011 3:56 p.m. by IngridKanuga

Abstract: The hospitality industry demands graduates joining the industry to have a wide range of soft skills involving communication, change management, self and other leadership, presentation, flexibility and application (Hofstrand, 1996; Pebble, 2002; Robinson, 2006). This study set out to pilot a Blended Learning Phased Assessment Employability Strategy- framework during a seven week, graduate module in a hospitality management programme. The purpose of this study was to enhance employability skills of the global citizen student at graduate level through the use of a web-based environment. First, the framework was designed where learners can develop their skills through a range of activities forming a phased assessment whilst considering the student profile is a mature, global citizen student who has typically completed a degree in a different field. The framework took into consideration that rapid developed is required without risking a cognitive overload whilst being designed to facilitate reflection, peer and community feedback.

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