Optimizing Faculty Workload and Learning Effectiveness in Online Programs

Posted June 22, 2011 3:38 p.m. by PhilIce

The current economic crisis has significantly accelerated the use of adjunct faculty in higher education, especially in online programs. As adjuncts typically carry far higher teaching loads than full-time peers, the impact on quality and learning outcomes are hot button topics in academia. This session will explore methodologies for assessing: 1) the effect that workload has on student learning outcomes and success, 2) workload definitions related to hiring adjunct faculty, and 3) optimal workload for both adjunct and full-time faculty. The session will focus on the interrelationship between these issues and other factors that related to faculty and institutional success. The discussion will be further segmented to address differences in administrative impact for both traditional and non-traditional universities, including compensation models. Participants will take away methodologies that can be applied at their institution and the opportunity to participate in an ongoing study.

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