Learning Presence as a Predictor of Achievement and Satisfaction in an Online Learning Environment

Posted June 22, 2011 2:57 p.m. by BaoYngTeresaLiew

Studies have identified the possible impact of learning presence, with its cognitive, emotional and social domains, on online learning outcomes. However, practical application of such data driven evidence in actual learning situations is noticeably lacking. In this study, the viability of the three domains of learning presence to accurately predict the learning outcomes of achievement and satisfaction was examined. Three consecutive studies were conducted over a two year period. 178 students enrolled in three different online courses participated in these studies. . The results show that cognitive presence significantly predicted learner satisfaction in the all studies, and the other presences were found to predict learning achievement or learner satisfaction. Based on these results, learning presences could be powerful predictors for the learning outcome in difference situations. Cognitive presence, however, requires more attention when it comes to predict the learning achievement and learner satisfaction.

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