Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Reflections in Using Excelets as a Tool for Modeling

Posted Feb. 5, 2020 2:39 p.m. by GingerSWatson

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  • Sylvia Martinez's keynote mentioned that learning cannot be delivered to the learner (based off Piaget's work) and that learning occurs through active construction. In our paper, we promote this same idea about preservice mathematics teachers' need to be active learners. How they go through a task and reflect on it is very much a part of their own construction (individually and as a community) in moving to their role as a teacher. How do teacher educators promote active construction (for future teachers) by way of technology use in teacher preparation programs?


  • How do teacher preparation programs address the act of reflecting on one's work so that it influences future teaching? As was mentioned in our paper, a lot of programs talk about reflection in a general sense but how to align it with content matters is often a different case.


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