Using Twitter Chats With Rural Preservice Teachers

Posted Aug. 29, 2019 1:02 a.m. by joannazimmerle

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  • I have not used Twitter/Twitter chats to date. However, after reading your paper, I plan to implement some part of this into my technology course for preservice teachers. I may even do this for my graduate technology course. Thanks for the informative paper and the ideas it has spawned for me. We too are located in a rural area and most of our teachers will wind up teaching in a rural area. Thus, most all of the things I use in class are free. For example, I have them use Wix (webpage builder), to build a lesson using a webpage. They also use such things as PBWorks to create lessons with wikis that could also be used to collaborate with other classes or schools to create lessons etc. These are just a couple.


  • Those are great examples. I, too, mostly have students work with free resources. Google Docs, Slides, and Forms are used heavily. Kahoot and Quizziz are good for formative assessment. I also set up my class in Schoology (the free version) rather than the University LMS so students can see how it works and possibly use it in their own classroom.


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