Share Paper: How Does Active Learning Change Undergraduate Learning Experiences? A Case of a Large Technology Design Course

  1. Lilach Alon, Cornell University, United States
  2. SeoYoon Sung, Cornell University, United States
  3. Rene F. Kizilcec, Cornell University, United States
Wednesday, November 10 10:15-10:35 AM Room 2

Abstract: Active learning methods put students in the center of teaching and learning and may positively affect students’ skills, engagement, and achievements in class. Many higher education institutions therefore encourage faculty to adopt active learning practices in their instruction, particularly in large lecture-based courses. This mixed-method study examined the implications of transitioning to active learning for the learning experiences of undergraduate students in a large-scale technology design course. The course transitioned to active learning instruction during the outbreak of COVID-19 and was thus delivered online. Using a sample of 301 surveyed students (161 before the transition and 140 after), this study ...