Share Paper: The Development and Effectiveness of a Food Education Support System: Investigating the Influence on Eating Habits and System Perceptions

  1. Hiroaki Sakurai, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
  2. Hiroshi Nakayama, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
  3. Junko Fujikura, Kagawa Nutrition University, Japan
Thursday, November 11 10:15-10:35 AM Room 2

Abstract: With the enactment of the Basic Law on Shokuiku (Food Education), educators have become more active in promoting food education to children. Because the system in the previous study only stored the contents of one day's meals, the acquired data was not reliable. In this study, we developed a food education support system with an additional function to input the contents of meals for 3 days and conducted a survey of the contents of meals for 3 days for high school students. The results showed that there was no significant difference in the effect of food education between the presentation ...