Share Paper: In the Nick of Time: Kairotic Design for Generative Learning Experiences using Online Discussion Forums

  1. Deanna McGaughey-Summers, Kentucky State University, United States
Wednesday, November 10 11:30-11:45 AM Room 2

Abstract: Although online discussions are associated with several benefits (critical thinking, active listening, peer interaction, and exposure to new ideas), execution of, and participation in, online discussions are often cited by students and instructors as a source of frustration. For instance, online discussions have been perceived as inefficient and ineffective and associated with superficial interactions. In this presentation, participants will be introduced to “kairos” (a rhetorical term that means “opportune moment”) and “kairotic design” (design principles based on timing) as a corrective to shortcomings associated with online discussions. Kairotic course design involves designing online courses to create and respond to emergent ...