Share Paper: Developing OER-based general education courses to improve student retention in higher education

  1. Shanta Varma, Auburn University at Montgomery, United States
  2. Xinyue Ren, Auburn University at Montgomery, United States
Thursday, November 11 11:30-11:45 AM Room 3

Abstract: The study showcases an initiative to improve the low retention rates and to reduce the cost of attendance for students at any 4-year institution. One of the known causes for low retention is the high cost of education (Nosaka & Novak, 2014; Soria & Stebleton, 2012). The study shares the concept of systematically designing, developing, and delivering open education resource (OER) courses; by collaborating with faculty and instructional designers internally and with external partners to collate a repository of resources state and nationwide. The findings of this longitudinal study will inform researchers and practitioners of the innovative pedagogical approaches and ...