Share Paper: Early Childhood Education: A Text Messaging Approach to Supporting Enrollment

  1. Alexandra Alayan, Colorado State University, United States
  2. Erin Devers, Indiana Wesleyan University, United States
  3. Christopher Devers, Johns Hopkins University, United States
  4. Shawnie Echeverry, Johns Hopkins University, United States
  5. Nina Tompkin, Harvard University, United States
Wednesday, November 4 1:45 PM-2:10 PM Room 1

Abstract: The purpose of this project was to explore the impact of receiving nudges (notifications) on enrollment in the On My Way Pre-K program. Past research suggests that nudging is a way to positively impact behavior. Using text messaging, families who demonstrated an interest in On My Way Pre-K (either through completing the initial application or texting to enroll via the webpage) received an enrollment text, a welcome video, and an appointment text. Additionally, after enrolling in the program, families received additional text messages that encouraged attendance, provided additional resources, and gathered data about their experience in the program. Typically, 30% ...