Wednesday, November 4
1:45 PM-2:10 PM
Room 2

Thinking Inside the Box: Does Design Thinking Fit into Zoom Squares?

Full Paper: Journal Live Presentation ID: 58246
  1. aaa
    Thilo Harth
    Muenster University of Applied Sciences
  2. aaa
    Stefanie Panke
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Abstract: The article describes and evaluates the concept and format of a 2-day design thinking workshop with vocational teacher candidate students. Drawing from our experiences as instructors as well as the qualitative feedback we received from students, we critically discuss what worked well and what was lost. We contrast the outcomes of this workshop with previous design thinking activities. The results highlight the qualities of design thinking that necessitate interaction in physical spaces, as well as opportunities for design thinking activities in a digitized format. As many regions experience second waves of COVID-19, educational programs will face the challenge of transforming physically co-located instruction to a completely virtual format. Our results can serve as a guide on how to recuperate energy and engagement for highly interactive seminars and workshops.

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