Tuesday, March 26
3:00-3:20 PM

Faculty Experience Using Synchronous Videoconference Technology to Assess Psychomotor Skills

Best Practices (F2F) ID: 61714
  1. aaa
    Heather Disney
    University of Saint Augustine for Health SciencesWalden University
  2. Debra Tyrrell
    Walden University
  3. David Perry
    Walden University

Abstract: Psychomotor skills are an essential aspect of physical therapy (PT) education. Recent studies supported using videoconference technology (VCT) for psychomotor instruction, but research on the use of VCT for psychomotor assessments is limited. Determining VCT’s usefulness for psychomotor exams is vital to establish best pedagogical practices. The purpose of this basic qualitative study was to explore the faculty experience using synchronous VCT to assess PT student’s psychomotor skills. The research question investigated how PT educators described using VCT to assess students’ psychomotor skills. Purposive sampling was used to collect qualitative data via semistructured interviews of 15 PT professors. Data were analyzed using emergent coding and thematic analysis. Key findings were that participants perceived the use of VCT to assess psychomotor skills as a feasible alternative modality to face-to-face practicals. The use of VCT did not sacrifice achieving good learning outcomes. Faculty identified VCT assessment benefits as convenience, adaptability, and skill acquisition and recognized the challenges of a static camera angle and connectivity and resource issues. This study informs PT educators of the value of using VCT for psychomotor assessments, which provided additional educational opportunities, exposed students to telehealth, promoted acceptance of online learning, and improved accessibility for individuals in rural locations.

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