Welcome to SITE 2023!

Posted by Elizabeth Langran on February 7 2023 at 10:06 p.m.

Welcome to SITE 2023! I am looking forward to seeing you as the SITE community comes together in vibrant New Orleans and in this online space. The Academic Experts platform will be where you can create your profile, select sessions to add to your planner, and engage in dialogue through discussion boards and messages - even schedule a meet up.

We have some great sessions planned, as always: a day of workshops, a wide range of technology and teacher education research presentations, keynote speakers, newcomer welcomes, posters, panels on topics from ChatGPT to publishing and job-search support, social events, and more. One of the best ways to take advantage of what SITE has to offer is to join one or more Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We have more than 30 SIGs that are free to join and an ideal place to meet other scholars in your areas of interest. Click the “Join” button on each SIG’s Academic Experts page to be added to their list, and find the times and locations of the SIG meetings on the AE schedule of events.

This is my final conference as your SITE president, and it has been an amazing three years. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with such an incredible and dedicated team through some unprecedented times. Thank you to the SIG, Council, and committee chairs, past presidents, editors, the AACE team, and you, our SITE membership. Your new president, Jake Cohen, takes over at the end of this conference and I know SITE has a bright future under his leadership. Enjoy your time at the conference, and see you in “The Big Easy!”

Elizabeth Langran, Outgoing SITE President, Marymount University

  • ChatGPT has become popular recently. As a large-scale language model, it can generate continuous text sequences based on the input prefix text. Many scholars are also exploring how to introduce it into the field of education, hoping to learn about the application of ChatGPT in education at the conference. I wish the meeting success!


    • Hi all, glad to be part of this community. GPT models are challenging us to rethink teaching and they could potentially encourage us to use more interactive approaches instead of frontal lessons. Looking forward to listen to interesting topics at the conference, Enrica

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