Share Paper: The Keep in School Shape (KiSS) Program: Features of An Interactive Mobile Program to Engage Students in Reviewing Material Over School Breaks

  1. Carla van de Sande, Arizona State University, United States
  2. Jana Vandenberg, Arizona State University, United States
Tuesday, April 12 12:10-12:30 PM Tidepool 5

Abstract: The Keep in School Shape (KiSS) program is an engaging, accessible, and cost-effective intervention that teachers can use to help students review material over school breaks. The KiSS program makes regular rehearsal of learned material easy for students by sending them a multiple-choice question daily via text messaging or email. This daily problem effectively serves as a mini test for the student to measure their ability to retrieve previously mastered knowledge and perform a task that is foundational for future skills. The KiSS Program also aligns with a growth mindset theory of intelligence that metaphorically views the brain as a ...