Share Paper: Who Are You Serving? Seeking Equitable Dissemination of Research

  1. Daniel Mourlam, University of South Dakota, United States
  2. Yi Jin, Kennesaw State University, United States
  3. Teresa Foulger, Arizona State University, United States
  4. Elizabeth Ebersole, Seattle Pacific University, United States
Wednesday, April 13 4:15-4:45 PM Shorebreak

Abstract: Access to scholarly research, much of which is sequestered behind academic journal paywalls, is predominantly limited to scholars who are able to gain access through their institutions. Such limited access presents barriers to some scholars and practitioners. Many PK-12 teachers and practitioners would benefit from the findings presented in scholarly publications. Researchers need to be mindful of barriers to access and consider how their choices could marginalize some scholars and many PK-12 practitioners. This paper presents the findings of a study conducted to determine what factors influenced scholars’ stewardship behaviors as they were recruited for and participated in a global ...