Share Paper: What Editors Wish Authors Knew About Academic Publishing

  1. Richard Hartshorne, University of Central Florida, United States
  2. Kara Dawson, Univ. of Florida, United States
  3. Chrystalla Mouza, Univ. of Delaware, United States
  4. Albert Ritzhaupt, Univ. of Florida, United States
  5. Denise Schmidt-Crawford, Iowa State University, United States
Tuesday, April 12 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Silver Pearl Ballroom 2

Abstract: The pressure to play an active role in the academic publishing process is commonplace in institutions of higher education across the globe. However, navigating this world can be rather daunting, particularly for emerging scholars. Issues such as handling rejection, determining and reporting publication quality, engaging in the editorial process, approaches for effectively revising manuscript submissions, and aligning your publication goals with institutional values are but a few critical items to consider in both individual publications and as elements of a robust publication agenda. In an effort to address these issues and support authors, a collection of chapters from the editors ...