Share Paper: The Art of Teaching in the Digital Age: Using Technology, Engineering Practices, Computer Science, and Digital Literacy to Support the Construction of Scientific Knowledge & Computational Thinking.

  1. Jennifer Ponder, The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), United States
  2. Amanda Cramer, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States
  3. Carla Marchant, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States
  4. Loretta Donovan, California State University, Fullerton, United States
Wednesday, April 13 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Silver Pearl Ballroom 1

Abstract: This interactive session will highlight the framework and implementation data from a STEM elementary education methods course. In addition to aligning the course with the Three Dimensions of Learning outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (2013), the presenters explicitly integrated Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards (ALSDE, 2018 & CSTA, 2017) to enhance technological, content, and pedagogical knowledge for pre-service teachers. Learning experiences include 5E simulations, robotics, coding, and 3D models. Data, along with samples of integrated computer science projects from the course, will be presented to demonstrate the importance and possibilities that exist when an integrated curriculum model ...