Share Paper: ActiveFlex: Maximizing Flexibility and Active Learning

  1. Mark Gale, Athens State University, United States
  2. Letitia Bergantz, Athens State University, United States
  3. Morgan Stanford, Athens State University, United States
Monday, April 11 1:45 PM-2:05 PM Tidepool 5

Abstract: In the spring of 2020, the rapid spread of the Coronavirus forced institutions to shut down in person, traditional operations, and quickly shifted their instruction to online education. New methods and protocols were created and implemented to address the disruptions. Athens State University pursued a new ActiveFlex model that meshed elements of HyFlex Learning, active and collaborative learning, and increased access to technology and communication tools. One should not merely focus on the pros of adapting to online learning but should consider developing and enhancing the quality of virtual courses delivered in such emergencies (Dhawan, 2020). In this paper, we ...